Come, Be a Body

"...poems of so precisely a human scale that they feel spoken quietly by a friend over coffee. Or walking at dusk. Or sitting on the creek's edge. And while that friend yearns for understanding, ultimately it submits to mystery." -- Ross Gay

from the new collection:


           for my mother, Anne Rosemary

Floatwalking home

early June rain

muskywetearth aroma​

voice lost

music-making done but

music still ringing

in my ears when

a new smell greets my nose

familiar, full, sweet.

Eyes follow scent, up-up

to shiny wet leaves,

full white blossoms.

Hello, Magnolia.

I knew it was you before I saw you,

thought, Maybe Magnolia

recognizes me too.

By my own olfactory

signature, part smoke-sweat,

part lime-milk?

Or a particular wave of heat?

Perhaps, a secret shimmer

that only tree can see?

My mother, a lover

of lemon balm, basil,

sweet annie, rosemary,

her fingers crushed

each leaf for me,

releasing a codex

of complex fragrance

just below my nose.

But not for pleasure alone.

For the knowing, too:

a way to find friends

in hollowed out spaces.

And now—for her—nothing.

No tang of lemon balm,

no sharp oregano.

No stink of gasoline

to raise a fumey

finger of alarm.

If blind, then Braille.

Fingertips would trans-

late dot to thought,

the hill and valley

of a lover's face

to heft and shadow.

If deaf, hands could sign,

a manual ballet of meaning,

poetry, literally, in motion.

But who can report

on the air, lilac-thick,

and who translate

this language lost:

smoke, moss, river, pain?

How will we ever know each other


Cover art by Elizabeth Murphy of Dos Madres Pres

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